CCEAE-Université de Montréal
le jeudi 23 novembre 2017

The Road to the Alt Right : How Race Theory Split the Neoliberal Movement

Une conférence de Quinn Slobodian, Harvard University

Dans le cadre de la série Diversité et civilité

le jeudi, 23 novembre 14h00 à 16h00

Salle 580-31, 5e étage du 3744 Jean-Brillant

Abstract : The Alt Right emerged within not against neoliberalism. This talk will track a schism around the categories of culture and race in the neoliberal movement since the 1980s that splintered F. A. Hayek’s Mont Pèlerin Society and led to the founding of the rival Property and Freedom Society (PFS) in 2006. The PFS has become a gathering place for proponents of biological race theory and libertarian secession, including Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor, representing a startling new development in the history of organized neoliberalism.

Bio : Quinn Slobodian is ACLS Frederick Burkhardt Residential Fellow at Harvard University’s Weatherhead Initiative on Global History for 2017-8 and associate professor of history at Wellesley College. His most recent book, forthcoming with Harvard University Press, is titled Globalists : The End of Empire and the Birth of Neoliberalism. Also forthcoming is Nine Lives of Neoliberalism, a volume co-edited with Dieter Plehwe and Philip Mirowski. He is currently working on a project on right-wing libertarianism, racism, and secession.