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On the Citizenship promised to the Peoples of Europe

Eurostudia, vol.1, no. 1, June 2005
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Gérard Raulet, Paris 4
Treaty or constitution? Depending on the circumstances, defenders of the “Draft Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe” either hold it’s nothing but another treaty in a row, or that we are dealing with a real constitution going well beyond the anterior texts. In fact, the constitutional claim is clearly stated in article I-6 saying that the Union’s law is prior to the law of the member states. But in its second part the treaty admits being not properly speaking a constitution since “citizenship of the Union shall be additional to national citizenship and shall not replace it.” (Art. 8) Strange text though, which raises the question whether he really creates a European citizenship, i.e. a new public space of democracy and a new form of people’s sovereignty surpassing the framework of the nation state.