CCEAE-Université de Montréal
le vendredi 7 septembre 2018

Conférence Martina STEBER

Conférence "Martina Steber (LMU-München)

"Radical Conservatism ? German and British Perspectives on Conservatism, Populism and the New Right since the 1970s."

Vendredi, 7 septembre 10:00 à 12:00 Salle Lothar-Baier

All over the “West,” right-wing populists are challenging the democratic consensus. In many European countries right-wing populist parties established themselves in national party systems. In the US and in the UK, parties of the conservative spectrum integrated populist movements and adopted their rhetoric, forms of politics and patterns of thought. Indeed, right-wing populists claim to represent true conservatism. Hence, are we witnessing a global “conservative revolution”, as many commentators hold, not by chance reverting to a label associated with the right-wing intellectuals of the Weimar Republic ? Is a “conservative radicalism” sweeping our democratic political systems ? Or : Are right-wing populists destroying conservatism – as others would argue ? All these questions address the same problem : What distinguishes conservatism from the Right ? Are conservatism and populism connected ? Drawing from the British and the German examples the talk offers an historically informed answer to these burning questions of our time.