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le vendredi 20 octobre 2006

Canada Meets Germany : A Forum for Young Leaders Symposium

Pavillon J.-Armand-Bombardier (Room 1035, Main Campus, Chemin de Polytechnique), Université de Montréal

Can our knowledge of climate change and renewable energy technologies enable us to accelerate the ongoing transition to a clean energy future ?

Canada Meets Germany - A Forum for Young Leaders invites you to consider this question, and attend our symposium on this important subject. The G8 nations, Canada and Germany among them, are pledged to « act with resolve and urgency now to meet our shared and multiple objectives of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving the global environment, and cutting air pollution » - will the G8 be able to honor its commitment ? What are the climate change action plans that will make the market work for sustainable development, and eliminate the « need » to pollute ? What innovative, climate-friendly, energy technologies are available to nations and individuals that appreciate the irrefutable logic of protecting our global climate ?